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The Tumblestones Trilogy received hundreds of glowing testimonials, many from teachers praising the improvement they had seen in children's vocabulary.

The Seven Stones was a fabulous book. Although my son is only 7½ years old, he was totally enthralled when I read it to him. He would begin lying in bed and then would end up sitting on the edge of the bed next to me desperate to find out what was going to happen!  The ending was fantastic, and the book is a great incentive for boys everywhere to become interested in reading.  Many thanks for such a wonderful read.  Mum and son looking forward to Book Two in anticipation!

(Unsolicited comment from Mrs. E. Wheeler)

This book had everything a fiction book should have: realistic characters, vivid description, and exceptional cliffhangers. The characters were so realistic that I could think of a person in the real world just like them! Each one had real-life traits, making them authentic. I could see every scene in the book in my head, down to the fine details of the setting, the clothes being worn, and the mood that was being set. Cliffhangers placed carefully at the ends of each chapter beg you to read more, and since this is the first of a trilogy, the cliffhanger at the end of the book makes me want to know what will happen in the next book. I found myself wanting to keep reading chapter after chapter until the very end. This is the ideal book for an intriguing read.

(Flamingnet.com reviewer)

This book has been long awaited in my household...I have 2 sons who both have really enjoyed the other two books. But "The Guardian of the Past" weve agreed is by far the best! It explains everything left in the air by the previous books and shouts of "ahhhhh that's why...." coming from both made me smile. Mind you I must admit although it's a kids book I've really enjoyed reading the series myself!

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C. P. Goy
C. P. Goy
C. P. Goy